Wednesday, April 13, 2011

2011 Equal Pay Day @ the Colorado Capitol

The "teal machine" of the American Association of University Women (AAUW) of Colorado stood proudly alongside members from a host of advocacy and civil rights groups on the west steps of the Colorado state capitol at a noon rally for equal pay on April 12. A cosponsor of the 2011 Equal Pay Day events in Denver, AAUW Colorado shot videos of the speakers (Rosemary Harris Lytle of ACLU and NAACP, Erin Bennett of 9to5 Colorado, Colorado Senator Evie Hudak, Steve Chavez of the Colorado Civil Rights Division and Pay Equity Commission, business owner Wy Livingston of Wystones World Teas, and former Wal-Mart employee Mary Henderson). You can view those videos on AAUW Colorado's brand-new YouTube channel at You'll find still pictures here.

What is Equal Pay Day? It is the day in April that symbolically marks the time into 2011 that the average US woman has to work to be paid the same wages that her male counterpart was paid FOR EQUAL WORK in 2010. Race and ethnicity widen the pay gap for women, meaning that African American women and Latinas earn less than white women.

AAUW released a new research report, The Simple Truth About the Gender Pay Gap, just ahead of Equal Pay Day. Take a look at this commonsense guide -- and talk about what you've read with your family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues. The gender pay gap hurts us ALL! Did you know that . . .

. . . there is an average $8,000 gap in retirement income between men and women annually?

. . . women now comprise 50% of the US workforce and are head of household in record numbers?

. . . that the reduced spending and savings power of women and their families delays our economic recovery?

Ready to do something about this? Let's downsize the pay gap and pass the Paycheck Fairness Act!

-- Amy Blackwell, AAUW Colorado Public Policy Co-Director

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